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JU87 G-2 Anti-Tank ( Hasegawa 1/48 scale)

Love it or hate it, one has to agree, this airplane has a definite image problem. But you would have to also agree that no other airplane represents the onset of WW2 better. That maybe why only a handful still exist and from I understand, none fly.
This version of the JU87 G-2 Stuka was mounted with a pair of 37 mm cannons, used to blast Tanks primarily on the Eastern front.

The Hasegawa kit is a very nice kit with one very obnoxious problem. To make the added wing tip length, the geniuses at Hasegawa simply molded over their existing mold from the older version. This causes an over lap that has to be sanded down and re-scribed.

The control arms on the flaps are also somewhat vague and look better if they are removed and replaced. I removed them from this model and replaced them with metal rod.
The gun barrels and flash suppressors were drilled and opened up. Photo-etch gun sights were added to the rear gun. I added some seatbelts and a few other details to the cockpit, however the kit cockpit is pretty nice as is. Overall a fun build.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

27 responses to JU87 G-2 Anti-Tank ( Hasegawa 1/48 scale)

  1. Love it. Theres an example in RAF Museum – Hendon but without the cannon. One of the few full surviving airframes anywhere. Great model 🙂

  2. I’ve always liked its menacing character. I built a Revell version that I think was a Hasagawa reboxing but maybe without the cannon. It had a beefy quality but with some surprisingly delicate parts.

    A good looking build of the lumbering greenhouse the RAF surgically excised in 1940.

  3. Great looking Stuka.

  4. Very nice Stuka. 🙂

  5. Great Stuka model you ‘ve built here. As you say,very representative of WWII.
    I’ve built a 1/72 (Revell) and should be happy to realize so an excellent 1/48 of this particular aircraft.

  6. A very nice looking Stuka. Every Russian tank crew’s worst nightmare. Well done!!!

  7. Beautifully done replica of one of the iconic aircraft of WWII. Nice shading work especially.

  8. Always reminded me of the pterodactyl. They did sinister well. Plus the sirens, initially.

  9. Nice job on that build, Terry….even nicer finish and paint work. Matter of fact….GREAT work on that paint scheme! 🙂

  10. VERY well-done, Terry. Spot-on paint work.

  11. Nicely done Terry, sinister looking for sure as Bernard stated above. It looks mean just sitting there. Fine job on the construction, painting, weathering and decals. That’s an excellent addition to your collection.

  12. Very nice paintwork and an overall excellent model.

  13. Terry,
    Your work is superb. This is outstanding. I personally like this a/c and I like the G the best.

  14. Excellent Ju 87, Terry. Looks very good.With your paint work and weathering you nailed the look of this aircraft.
    WWII Propaganda is still part of our history books.

  15. Nice Stuka Terry.
    Great finish sir , looks the part.

  16. You’ve captured the look of the Stuka very well, Terry.

  17. Very nice job weathering this bird. It looks “just right”.

  18. Greetings :
    Love that STUKA , very nice weathering, not overdone.

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