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Airfix Seafire F.R.47 with Cooper Details upgrade

The Seafire F.R.47 was the last of the line that began in 1935 with K5054, the Spitfire prototype. It was twice the weight of the original, with two and a half times the power and an additional 100mph in top speed, not to mention a cannon armam[...]

Seafire F.45 – Aeroclub conversion of Airfix kit

Throughout the development of the carrier-based Sea Spitfire, which was known as the Seafire, developments in the land-based series of fighters were reflected in approximate naval equivalents. The first of the Griffon-powered Seafires was the M[...]

Eduard 1/48 Spitfire IXc (early)

Had not the RAF been able to bring a new Spitfire into combat in the summer of 1942 to face the Fw-190A that could outfly the Spitfire V on every point but turning circle, the war over Northern Europe would have likely taken a different[...]

Supermarine Seafire Mk47 WW2 1939-1947

With the war in Europe now over and in a world where nuclear technology has never been developed the war against Japan rumbles on, the British government keen to reduce some of its crippling debt and in a bit of uncharacteristic showing off is s[...]

How to move a Spitfire

You Spitfire fans might find this link interesting................ Hope you enjoy it. George

ICM Spitfire Mk. IX in 1/48 scale, by Tony Prince

OK, I accept that I'm a Spitfire enthusiast. That said, it follows that I have bought & made just about every brand of Spitfire kit in 1/48 almost as soon as they hit the hobby shop. This was my third ICM Spitfire & in this instance I at[...]

Spitfire MK Vlll 145 Squadron. San Severo, Italy, 1943 Flown by Lance Wade

American Lance Wade was a true Yank in the RAF. Near the end of his combat career Squadron Leader "Wildcat" Wade flew a Spitfire VIII with the serial JF472 and the codes ZX-J. Wade made his final claims in ZX-J; 2 Fw190s destroyed on 2 October a[...]

Spitfire MK VB “City of Winnipeg”

This aircraft was a part of 402 (Canadian) Squadron, based at Horne, England during 1942. It is named for the City of Winnipaeg, Canada which probably donated funds for it's manufacture. The kit is Tamiya's 1/48 and was made out of the box with [...]

Our Spitfires. Revell 1/72nd

Well, a happy Xmas to all . Here are some pics of a pair of Spitfires my wife and I built. I posted them as I thought it might be of interest to those SWMBO. The kits were Revell 1/72 Spitfires Vb`s, which were basic kits. The fit was not too ba[...]

Eduard’s Spitfire Mk.IXc (late) in 1/48 scale, by Tony Prince

The best Spitfire kit in this scale in my opinion. I've built most of them too, from the ancient Monogram Mk IX to Otaki, Tamiya Mk Vs, Airfix Mk IX, ICM & Hasegawa. They have all had their problems; some I could live with & others were [...]