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1/32nd scale Short Sunderland Mk IIID Models vacform WIP update Jan. 2022

Good evening fellow Imodelers! Time for an overdue update on my long-term 1/32nd scale Short Sunderland vacform project. Since I last updated you all there's been lots of progress to report, mainly focusing on the smaller, more [...]

1/32nd scale Short Sunderland Mk II – ID Models vacform WIP

Morning all, I thought some of you may be interested in one of my longer term vacform projects that's been making good progress of late - the old ID Models 1/32nd scale Short Sunderland. This kit is a basic shell of the fuselage, wings, [...]

1/72 Italeri – Short Sunderland MKIII “The Flying Porcupine”

Representing a significant advance in aircraft design, the Short Sunderland was the backbone of the Coastal Command convoy escort units during WWII. It proved a fierce opponent to the U-boat threat, being credited with circa thirty [...]

1/72 Airfix Short Sunderland

This was another old kit that I decided to "experiment" on. Since I already had a 2nd kit to build "stock", I thought I'd back date this to an earlier Mark. This required moving the top turret and changing the hull. [...]