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F-14D Tamiya

June 9, 2020 · in Aviation · · 22 · 2.8K

My latest work. While with some errors I should have fixed, I am happy how it turned out as I don`t build jets. For additions, I installed Aires seats, did a bit of wiring and used Fightertown decals.
AMK can go F itself, this one is miles ahead in build-ability

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  1. Although you are not a jet builder, you did a fantastic job on this Tomcat, Matija.
    Beautiful weathering.
    Is it 1/48?

  2. Love the weathering on your Bombcat. Did you make the coating on the bombs yourself?

  3. A fantastic build, Matija! Also painting, weathering, exhaust nozzles looks, perfect.
    And, of course, THAT cockpit!
    All the best!

  4. Great looking F-14D, that's one of my favorite low-viz schemes, because my mind still paints the colors of scheme. You've really nailed the look with the weathering. I just picked up this kit recently and your build inspires.

  5. Beautiful build!

  6. Awesome build- excellent work! I will keep working on my Hasegawa and Monogram F-14 kits in the stash and imagine they are this kit!

  7. Awesome work on the paint finish. That's an easy scheme to mess up and you did it perfectly. Everything else looks great too.

  8. It's hard to make all that grey look realistic and you have succeeded.

  9. great job!

  10. Excellent! Having shared the flight deck with this aircraft during Iraqi Freedom on Connie, (when I was in VS-38), I can tell you, you nailed it! Too many folks over weather the TPS, yours is just right!

  11. Really is a beautiful Tomcat - the paint and weathering work is just fantastic! Well done.

  12. Really nice finish on what I am sure is a great kit. I have built the Tamiya F-14A and fully agree that Tamiya are Premier League in buildability.
    However I feel you a bit harsh regarding AMK. I've just finished their F-14D and loved it. Well the instructions a bit small for the detail involved, but I found the kit and mouldings first rate.

  13. Fair play you entitled to your opinion, but that link does show that the AMK F-14D can also be built into a stunning kit. Maybe a bit harder work though!

    • Thats my point. This kit was announced to be end-all ultimate kit which was developed years and years, has waaaaaaay too many issues to be called first rate. It has nice details and then it comes all down crashing when you start assembling it. I wanted AMK to do it and be a good competition to Tamiya with the price and options but it falls short. Tamiyas engineering is miles ahead still. The nose section on mine was finished seperately and then inserted without glue and you will never know that as the fit is that good

  14. Wonderful! I'm working on the Tamiya F-14A right now - your build is an inspiration!

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