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Revell 1/72 U.S. Navy Swift Boat Mk.1

My recently completed Revell 1/72 Swift Boat Mk.1. Once again this is mainly brush painted. The only spray paint used is the under coat red on the lower hull. The flag was printed off on printer paper, folded in half over some 0.25mm [...]

PCF MK 1 Swift boat, US Navy, South Vietnam, 1/48 Monogram

These boats were used to patrol the Mekong Delta water ways in South Vietnam, Armed with a twin .50 cal. mount. a combination single .50/mortar mount. and various other small arms. they were originally designed as a shuttle boat for off [...]

Monogram / Revell 1/48 Swift Boat

The Revell Swift Boat in 1/48th scale is a re-release ot the old Monogram kit. This kit, besides being in an odd scale (for me) seemed very "toy-like" in that a lot of the "detail" was molded on. There was no [...]