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Takom T-55 AMV, 1/35

November 2, 2018 · in Armor · · 23 · 4.4K

Hi guys, this is my AMV, in scale.
Paints and weathering effects by : Ammo-Mig, Tamiya, AK.
Thank you and happy weekend!

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  1. Very interesting finishes, Allon! I think the Takom kits are first rate anyway, and you’ve certainly provided ‘added value!’

  2. Thanks for sharing your reference pictures, Allon.
    Now, where's the model? 😉

  3. Very funny Allon - taking pictures of a real tank and photoshopping into a plain background, then passing that off as a model! You are quite the prankster!


  4. Extraordinary piece of modeling talent, sir...outstanding work!

  5. Well, Allon - you are a gift to us modelers.

  6. Excellent work!

    Top notch job with the weathering - I never thought rust could be so beautiful 😉

  7. Sir echo,

    I was going to use the lame excuse of photo shopping ...but, the photos speak for themselves. Which means that the photos are as good as the model. Two thumbs up.

  8. Allon, besides echoing what the others have already said, I'll add this: This looks just like a LOT of these types I saw - real tanks - over in Iraq and Kuwait. This rivals the best models I've EVER seen.

    Outstanding, Allon. Your T-55 no longer looks like a model - it looks like the REAL thing.

    Bravo !

  9. a great work of weathering, I think this needs a diorama that tells us more of its history


  10. Nice one. Beautifully done, great weathering technique all round. Spot on. ?Love the missing front right fender and the bits of missing armour with the original colour underneath.

  11. what are the colors of the two barrels behind?

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