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de Havilland DH.100 Vampire

1/48 Airfix DeHavilland Vampire F.3

My growing collection of twin boomers!... I completed this one last week in my Vampire feast...looking to do a 1/72 and 1/144 one too! IT was a pretty nice real issues BUT it does need considerable nose weight to avoid tail [...]

De Havilland Vampire F.3 (Airfix 1/48)

There's something very attractive about early jets - you can see some remnants of the piston era and the new approaches, so it's always something in between. My favourite is the Supermarine Attacker - a jet fighter with a tail wheel. [...]

Infinity 1/32 DeHavilland Vampire Mk 9

England was an early producer of jet aircraft behind Germany. The Meteor was their first jet in service in WW II. The Vampire was the next jet to follow in service. The mock-up was was ok’d in 1942 with first prototype flights in 1944. [...]

DHA, DH 100, FB 31 Vampire, A79-111, "Red Devils", 2 OCU RAAF, Williamtown NSW, 1958.

1/72 Airfix, built for the de Havilland 100 GB in 2021, more pic's and details there.

DHA, DH115, T33 Vampire, A79-816, 25 "City of Perth" Sqn RAAF, Pearce WA, 1955.

1/72 Airfix, built for the DH 100 GB in 2021, more pic's and details there, a great GB check it out ! a few more pic's taken - 05-2022.

Airfix Dehavilland Vampire T11

Yes, this is a starter kit, but, the fit is INCREDIBLE. Did this for a break from the Victory (which is slowly coming along) No filler was required, and all paints used were by Vallejo. Decals went down well with "set" & [...]

Review: Infinity 1/32 Vampire Mk.5 Review

Airfix 1/48 Vampire F.3

The Airplane: Unlike the Gloster Meteor - which was always intended to be an operational fighter - the deHavilland Vampire began as an experimental aircraft, originally developed to specification E6/41, to test the deHavilland Halford H.1 [...]

Guerre d'Algérie...1/48 De Havilland Vampire Mk.5 , Armée de l’Air

So, my dad´s French at war theme is almost at the end now, this is the second last model...for now. The new Airfix kit is neither really good nor really bad. The detail in some areas is nice, so are the open flaps options. A major issue [...]

Revell 1/72 SE.535 Mistral

Hi everyone! This is my Armee de l'Air Revell 1/72 SE.535 Mistral. The SE.535 Mistral (aka Vampire FB.53) was a licensed upgraded Vampire built by French SNCASE, basically utilizing a more powerful Rolls Royce Nene engine and a Martin [...]