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Vampire T11 Airfix 1/72

March 12, 2014 · in Aviation · · 15 · 3.5K

's Little Gem, This is a really neat little kit no vices at all, the only thing that is a little odd is one of the joint/panel lines on the underside is slightly wide and there's not a lot you can do about it as it is on a natural panel line i just left it alone hardly seemed bothering to fill.

the Day-Glo may seem a bit bright in the photos but i think that is down to my camera doing something magic with pixels and the digital thingey's, it looks good in natural light.
The models was painted in Alclad II i think it was Airframe silver sprayed over grey primer
the day-glo is my own mix.
This was the first model i ever entered into a competition and came second overall as you can imagine i was pleased as punch
It only leaves me to say if there is one little kit you must build before you die this is one of them its a little beauty
sorry about the close ups my camera is a bit ahm shaky and its only when you see the play back of the close ups that you spot the dust and hair.
Hope you like it Fellas

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  1. That is a proper little gem Mark, those close up pictures give away far more than you would see with the naked eye.

  2. Very nice Mark. Can't beat the new generation of Airfix kits for price vs quality.
    Did you add anything?

    • Thanks AL, and no i didn't add anything special just seat belts made form Tamiya Masking tape painted blue with some Air-Waves buckles and the pull cords on the bang seat made from fine wire
      and i replaced the pitot tube with Albion Alloys tubing
      thats it oh and whole lot of modelling love and care

  3. Little indeed! I had a Vampire in 1/48 and I thought it was small! The day-glo looks just fine to me. I do like how Airfix is engineering its kits. My TSR2 and Gloster Javelin have major seams right at a natural seam on the real thing. No need to fill a line if it's supposed to be there! 😀

  4. Sweet looking Vampire Mark.
    Airfix are knocking a lot better kits nowdays it seems.
    Well done.

  5. Mark,

  6. Top notch mate!

  7. Thanks All for the positive comments


  8. Excellent workmanship, sir...even more impressive in 72nd scale!

  9. said on March 13, 2014

    gorgeous...and those sweet panel lines

  10. Top notch indeed!
    I got this little bird in my stash. What paint did you use, especially for the silver and the diglo.

    • Hi Paulo, i used Alclad2 Airframe Aluminium and the Day-glo is a mix of Model Master Fluorescent Red and Fluorescent orange
      the whole thing is then prayed using citadel's Purity Seal Satin Varnish this takes the metal looking shine of the Alclad and gives the impression of being painted in High Speed Silver which they were hope this helps
      Thanks For the kind Comments Paulo

  11. Some folks complain about the new Airfix making engraved panel lines that are too deep and then some folks complain that Tamiya's panel lines are too deep. In this case its a subjective debate. On the whole this build looks to be a smart,crisp, tight build and it brings out the best in what Airfix has to offer in their Vampire.

    Two thumbs up.

  12. A very sweet little model, Mark, it's obvious you put a lot of care and attention into this build.

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