Tamiya 1:48 scale Republic P-47M-1-Re, "Thunderbolt"

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Another fine model from . I won't go into a whole bit about HOW great this kit is, but suffice to say, it's awesome.
The upper surfaces of the model are painted in Model Master Enamels, in a very VERY dark blue, which looks almost black. The lower surfaces are NMF, and painted in Alclad II.
Decals are Aeromaster, weathering is by thinned oils and pastel chalk. I added paper belts to the cockpit, but otherwise the kit is built OOB.
Thanks for looking!

Freddie from LI

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    said on March 17, 2013

    Very nice Fred! Love the colour scheme on this 'bolt, one of Zemke's Wolfpack I think. The M model was the fastest of the P-47 line, and its nice to see one unencumbered by a load of ordenance.

  2. Thank you Gregor. If I recall correctly, they took all the bomb ordnance off and used the aircraft for it's original intended roll; as a fighter.
    I think that the ultimate P-47, was the 'N' model, which had the speed of the 'M' and the long range of a P-51, due to it's redesigned laminar flow wing.
    Since I live on Long Island where they were built, I feel a certain attraction, pride and allegiance to these aircraft and the men who flew them. (Same for Grumman built aircraft as well.)

  3. And here you have the right prop on the model.

    You and Koppos are both soooooo boring... all those models, built to the same standard of excellence with no variation... 🙂

    One thing about this "camouflage" is that it's actually a dark plum color, not black (score another miss for the "hex-spurtz"). I got the color by putting a brushfull of red into an airbrush cupful of black. (More extra-careful TLAR measurements :-))

    • This one is actually a really deep blue and not black as the instructions said to paint it. I had read they were actually blue and not black.
      Then there was Lanowski's bird which according to legend, and as you pointed out, was a very dark plum...like his jacket...his favorite... The whole story sounds just whacky enough to be true too! 🙂

  4. Nice T-bolts Fred, do I detect an excessive/compulsive theme here? LOL

  5. Excellent Jug, Fred. You've either done some super-duper marking masking or your decal skills are awesome... Cleeeean markings!

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