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Awesome ornaments for your tree (if the wife allows)!

November 22, 2012 in Aviation

Hi all,
I have been making an ornament for the tree every year since my wife and I got married. She provides a tentative support for my modelling, which is helped greatly by my involvement in Christmas, especially the surprise of what she gets on Christmas eve to put on the tree.
Yes, make no mistake, any kit that makes it on there is warlike, and loaded to the gills as references and reality allows (er, I admit no F-18D I know would have two harpoons and four Mk 83’s as a loadout!). My exceptions were an Air Canada 747 and Pan Am DC-3! It is interesting how anything with green camo “disappears” into the tree- like the A-10! Each kit has the year it was built painted on one of the tailplanes with my artist’s signature- a letter “D”- yes, how original….
I hope to get going on WW2 aircraft maybe next year- still not sure what I am doing for this year…..
By the way, we put up our tree and other stuff on Nov 11.

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6 responses to Awesome ornaments for your tree (if the wife allows)!

  1. That’s a great idea, lol! Your “ornaments” look awesome!!

  2. So how many ornaments have you made so far? SWMBO didn’t make ya put ’em all in the back, did she? Are they all the same scale? I think it’s a GREAT idea myself!

  3. there are 16. They are all in front! all the same scale except for the 1/200 C-130 and F-18.

  4. This is cool. I can imagine my Christmas tree dressed in a gaggle of Red Arrows, all in formation. Blue Angels seems to be a good option, too. Or a bunch of NMF aircraft.

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