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1/48 Otaki P-40E War Hawk

July 25, 2013 in Aviation

An old, pleasant, OOB build. Nothing special or extraordinary. The paint, as usual, is de-canned Krylon mixed. An affordable way to go.

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2 responses to 1/48 Otaki P-40E War Hawk

  1. You know I always enjoyed building an Otaki kit, simple ease of assy decals always settled, fair priced, and when even Hasegawa haven’t come out with engfaved panel lines yet, Otaki did. Now under the Arii name they were fun to build. Haven’t built one since well since the high school days.

  2. Good ‘ol Otaki/Arii. Those were the Pegasus kits of their day. Engraved panel lines, not to many parts, and they always came out terrific! I see things have not changed. Good on you, Joe Terrific work, Boy-o!

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