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1/35 SiG 33 15.0 cm Howitzer by Alan

September 1, 2013 in Armor

The 150 howitzer seems to be the universal infantry support weapon, as nearly every army has them. The Wehrmacht entered WWII with significant numbers of towed SiG 33 guns, but soon found it difficult for them to keep pace with Blitzkrieg. Therefore these guns ended be mounted on just about anything they could scrape together (like the Pz38(T) and Pz II)such as the Bison I and II families, and the Grille. Nonetheless, SPA hulls were never available in the numbers necessary, so the SiG 33 soldiered on till the end.

Alan’s kit is really a little gem of a kit, with rather sharp molding for this lesser light company. Camouflage was a challenge with all the nooks and crannies, but it came out better than expected.

I’ll be building a few more of these as I do own the Bison I and II by Alan, as well as a Grille.

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6 responses to 1/35 SiG 33 15.0 cm Howitzer by Alan

  1. Another well done set piece. Overall appearance is very realistic.

  2. Thanks. Armor is my most recent endeavor, and what I have the most difficulty with. I appreciate your encouragement.

  3. Good job, Mike. It looks like it could actually fire !

  4. one correction , the SIG 33 was a 150mm howitzer, it was mounted on the Grille’s, and the Brumbar, the Wespe had a 105, although there was a PZII with the 150.

  5. Wow. I must be getting old to make a mistake like that. I have corrected the article.


  6. Nice job!
    Paint looks real good, the red and white range posts look good. Very sharp build.

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