Boeing 777-200LR | Pan Am | N777PA | 1/144

November 8, 2013 in Aviation

Back in 2011 I created two 777-200, one LR and one F (Cargo) in a fantasy livery of Pan Am, as if this company have made it ’til that year, it’s 80 years old anniversary. Both are Minicraft kits. To know more about those two, visit the links below:





7 additional images. Click to enlarge

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5 responses to Boeing 777-200LR | Pan Am | N777PA | 1/144

  1. Nice to see these well-built airlines. And especially in the PAN AM markings, cool idea. IMHO that livery looks as fresh today as it did then.

  2. Sharp-lookin’ builds, Sergio….I like ‘em. Nice work.

  3. Sergio,
    Great looking models and I like the red background. I am even more impressed with your work after going to the attached sites. You have a definite skill in replicating airliners. It shows from the photos on the sites, even though I didn’t understand one thing that was written there.
    I really like these.

  4. Thanks, guys! The words are on portuguese, since I’m a Brazilian, LOL

    There are times when I build most airliners and time to built military planes. Right now I’m building 150 F-4 Phantoms in 1/144!

    Have a nice weekend,


  5. Very smooth looking airliner models, Sergio, beautifully finished.

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