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Shelby Cobra Jagermeister Racing

February 2, 2016 · in Automotive · · 30 · 2.3K

Here's a quick build before I go away back to work for the remainder of the month.

Apologies again for defacing another classic. The kit was originally the of the Shelby 427 S/C Cobra. I threw the instruction book away and went for the modern kit car replica approach here with this one, and painted it in the classic Jagermeister racing colours. I've also replaced a lot of the chrome work with matt black and stripped away the passenger seat and windscreen.

The kit itself went together ok. The engine block was tricky to get into the chassis mind and the manifold pipes don't line up with the exhaust pipes on one side. That very well may be my fault mind, but at least it's not visible under the shell. The main flaw in the kit though for me is the ride hight. Exactly the same problem as the last Fujimi kit I built, the ride hight is way too high and would bounce all over in real life. It was still a fun build but I might just play it safe with the Tamiya kits from now.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. That is very cool! I sure admire you guys who build cars so well, great job!

  2. Looks pretty good to ME...I like it! Nice job.

  3. For all your disclaimers, still a good looking build.?

  4. Nice build Richard, I like the slant of it.
    Well done mate.

  5. Great build on the little Cobra Richard. The fun of building cars is it seems to be easier to push one's imagination button rather than the research button.

  6. Sharp looking Cobra! Nice detail on the exhausts.

  7. Defacing? You did no such thing! Even if a Cobra never raced in these colors, the mods are spot on and it looks right!

  8. Nice looking snake, I like it

  9. I'm not really into "what ifs" but this one is an exception, very cool. I've just watched coverage of the Goodwood Revival meeting this year, they managed to get all seven Shelby Cobras together, the first time ever this has happened.

  10. Damned nice Richard! I can't see any problems with that. My attorney has a small-block original, a very early production number, that has been beautifully and professionally restored. I love the cars...Factory Five anyone? 🙂

  11. You do realize that defacing a Shelby Cobra is a hanging offense, right? (if it was real) Nevertheless, this looks pretty snazzy.

  12. Super cool! Love the matte black trim.

  13. This is where drinking and driving is Ok? As long as the driver is sober and the audience/fans are in the bleachers and kept happy with the moving bill board...

    Net color scheme that shows off the lines of the classic Cobra.

  14. Thats a beauty, Richard. Well done and perfectly presented. Great pictures on this glossy black surface as well.

  15. Thanks mate! It's just my TV stand it's sat on.

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