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Scratch Built Paper jet linerIncredible!

Scratch building at its best. Dedication and resilience is what you can call this artist. Take a read and prepare to be awed! (link)

1/144th Boeing 777-306ER 'KLM'

This is the Minicraft Boeing 777-200 which I have converted to the -300ER using Braz and Contrails' parts. Currently there is no injection-moulded kit available of this aircraft, with the only option being the Welsh Models Vacform. I [...]

Boeing 777-200LR | Pan Am | N777PA | 1/144

Back in 2011 I created two 777-200, one LR and one F (Cargo) in a fantasy livery of Pan Am, as if this company have made it 'til that year, it's 80 years old anniversary. Both are Minicraft kits. To know more about those two, visit the [...]