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1/144 RAAF P51 (Minicraft)

This is my first 1/144 model.i normaly build 1/72 1/48 and 1/35 kits of all kinds.i got this kit off ebay for free.they sent me a $5 gift card and i purchased this kit with it. I replaced the decals with aftermarker decals from ebay.i [...]

Pan Am Boeing 707-321B Clipper

Pan Am Douglas DC-6B Clipper

Pan Am Lockheed L-1049 Constellation

Pan Am had a fleet of more than 30 L-049s and L-749s, it also leased a few of these L-1049s from Eastern Airlines

Pan Am Douglas DC-3

Not my best work, I could have done the wing and tail boots, it was just so small.

Pan Am Douglas DC-4 Clipper

The first trans-oceanic landplane after WWII.

1/16 Minicraft Jaguar SS100 1938

1/16 Minicraft Jaguar SS100 1938 For some alleged personal sins I build (or try to build) vintage kits? I just put some effort into improving them a bit without the time required to re engineer the old tech. Of course the wire wheels are [...]

1/3 Minicraft Honda 750 4 Display Engine

1/3 Minicraft Honda 750 4 Display Engine Great kit with super parts detailing. Added sliding display section. Looks like Floquil Old Silver but the actual paint, which made this work, I forgot as that was the last of it? Great kit with [...]

Pan Am Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

Another from 35 years ago when I worked at Pan Am. The paint has faded a bit, looks great.

1/144 Minicraft C-54/DC-4 in Early SAS Colors

I don't normally build airliners, and I never build anything that has a natural metal finish, but I wanted to do something for the SAS 75th Anniversary Group. I had the Minicraft C-54 kit lurking around, and I was able to find some decals [...]