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Minicraft/Hasegawa 1/72 EA-6B ProwlerDesert Storm

This is a rather old kit, but did include engraved panel lines. My experience with Hasegawa engraved lines is they can be a bit too shallow to hold panel line wash well, so I deepened them a bit. The intakes are just solid blanks, as the [...]

Cold War WarriorBoeing B-52, Bomber Command Group Build

When I resumed modeling a few years back, I decided to try to build airplanes that were significant to me, either airplanes I had flown and worked on, or those that just grabbed my attention. The Boeing B-52 holds a special place in my [...]

B-17F Miami Clipper

This B-17 completed 28 missions with no crew members killed, only two were wounded. The Miami Clipper completed its last mission in March of 1944 and then was returned to the USA. It was scrapped in January 1946. It was assigned to the [...]

1/144 RAAF P51 (Minicraft)

This is my first 1/144 model.i normaly build 1/72 1/48 and 1/35 kits of all kinds.i got this kit off ebay for free.they sent me a $5 gift card and i purchased this kit with it. I replaced the decals with aftermarker decals from ebay.i [...]

Pan Am Boeing 707-321B Clipper

Pan Am Douglas DC-6B Clipper

Pan Am Lockheed L-1049 Constellation

Pan Am had a fleet of more than 30 L-049s and L-749s, it also leased a few of these L-1049s from Eastern Airlines

Pan Am Douglas DC-3

Not my best work, I could have done the wing and tail boots, it was just so small.

Pan Am Douglas DC-4 Clipper

The first trans-oceanic landplane after WWII.

1/16 Minicraft Jaguar SS100 1938

1/16 Minicraft Jaguar SS100 1938 For some alleged personal sins I build (or try to build) vintage kits? I just put some effort into improving them a bit without the time required to re engineer the old tech. Of course the wire wheels are [...]