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SPAD VII “Котик” (Kitty) 1/72 MAC Distribution

March 18, 2014 in Aviation

Dux-SPAD VII of 1st Navy Fighter Detachment of Northern hydro-squadron. September, 1919.
Inscriptions and markings – “KV Decol”
Guns – set “MiniWorld”.

Best regards, Vlad.

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15 responses to SPAD VII “Котик” (Kitty) 1/72 MAC Distribution

  1. Great model! I always wanted to build a biplane but this rigging stuff keeps me out! What’s your secret?

  2. Outstanding! I think the beetle is a
    Do you make your own markings?

  3. Vlad, a very nice and well built Bi-plane.
    How people can rig a plane I will have to find out some when, Can I borrow your little beetle, is his name Ringo?
    A very well done Vlad.

    • Simon, thank you!

      In Russia, these beetles are called Божья Коровка. Literally: Cow God. I do not know why.

      But ready to give it up for your biplane. 🙂

      Best regards, Vlad.

  4. Nice clean build, I had a model “beetle” once but my pet spider had him for lunch, I keep away from planes with rigging. Great build! (Nice display case).

  5. Another beautifully built model, the Russian markings really suit it. I think perhaps your beetle came from Liverpool, didn’t The Beatles record “Back in the USSR”?!

  6. Hello Vlad. The model looks great and especially impressive in 1/72. I have the Revell Germany SPAD that does not have the cockpit detail that this one has. Like others, the rigging does scare me, but taking a close look at yours along with other research, I just might give it a try.

  7. Hello, Alan!
    Thanks for the comment. We have a proverb: “devil is not so, as it is described!” That is, it’s easier than it seems. Be sure to build a SPAD from Revell. You will succeed.

    Best regards, Vlad.

  8. Vlad,
    Absolutely beautiful. I love the Spad but would never attempt to do what you have done here. I would go blind trying to rig this, particularly in 1/72. Hang on to that Lady Bug. She does excellent rigging.

  9. Bob and Frank, thank you!
    Frank, certainly will cherish my little helper.

    Best regards, Vlad.

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