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1/9 Montesa Cota 247

Now finished:

WIP here:



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  1. Nice job...I like it. 🙂

  2. Thanks Craig and Robert!

    Hopefully tomorrow will be a nicer day and I'll be able to take pics outdoors on day light.
    Today here was a typical Autumn rainy grey day... 🙁



  3. Hey, 'Dolf!
    That looks great, mi amigo! If those Humbrol cans weren't in the picture, it'd look like you could get on it and ride away.

    Excellent job!

  4. And here is the real thing, just to show how good this piece of work is...

    It’s not often you see bikes here, and trail bikes are even rarer so it’s a nice change. As you say, it’d be nice to see her in natural light. Given you the taste for more bikes, to just a one off?

    Well done, Dolf.

    • "Well done, Dolf."

      Thanks David (@dirtylittlefokker) .



    • Hi, Dolf and David!

      I love the Cota, Dolf---great job and a super topic!

      Allow me to add my own 1:1 trials weapon to the discussion. It's a Bultaco Type 159 Sherpa T (326cc) bought as a rolling wreck back in 1995 and restored over the course of a year or so. It hasn't been ridden in quite some time and a few things need freshening up in consequence, but it's quite a motorcycle. There's also a Pursang Mk V in the garage but it needs a motor and a couple of other odds and ends in order to be called presentable!

      Our hobby works on so many levels!


      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  5. Jeff (@mikegolf)

    "We have the same rainy gray day here in Indy!"

    Looks like it's all over... 🙁



    Edit: intended to post this up, connected to your own reply.
    But the Forum software has these weird things, it happens often...
    I can't post this where I should and wanted, because when I hit the "Post Comment" button, rather than doing it, the software opens the next pic, in this case the one David posted.

    IDK why, or if there's a way to fix this, the digital guys probably know how, I don't.

  6. David's photo is proof of just how good your work is with this model. Beautiful work. Pose it right outside, and you'll convince us all it's real!

    • Tom (@tcinla)

      Thanks a lot.

      I was comparing the pics before, and one detail that is obvious is that on the real one posted by David, there are lights, front and rear, but on my model there are no lights, and that is how it's supposed to be, according to the manufacturer instructions (there are not even lights on the kit).

      I assume my model depicts a ready to race bike (as far as I remember on cross these bikes wouldn't have their lights mounted), while David's real one pic shows a Montesa cota 247 as they roll on the roads (lights being mandatory worldwide, of course) .

      If we have no rain and a nice sunny day tomorrow I'll make another couple of pics outdoors.



  7. Jeff (@mikegolf)

    "Hey, ‘Dolf!
    That looks great, mi amigo! If those Humbrol cans weren’t in the picture, it’d look like you could get on it and ride away.

    Excellent job!"

    Thanks 🙂

    I love driving (and I love speed), but have never been a motorbike kind of guy. As a mattar fact only on rare occasions did I happen to drive a motorbike. As a teenager I had one of those Maxi Push, but that was not really a motorbike 🙂



  8. I understand, 'Dolf @dolfdylan. I never had a bike. I had one on loan for a week, but other than that, the only bikes I've ridden say "Huffy" or "Peugeot" on them & you have to pedal to move them! But I REALLY enjoyed the week I had one!

    My Son (aged 36) has a beautifully customized Harley but he won't let Dad have it for a ride ... LoL! I guess he forgot about those years when he was borrowing MY car for his dates and "driving fun" (Fahrvergnugen, or something like that!) when he first got his license! LoL!

  9. Great job Dolf @dolfdylan, really like the finished product!

  10. Fantastic work on your little Monty , it may have been offered with or without lights by the manufacturer as an option.

  11. A bit cloudy today here, but the Sun showing up from time to time. So here are a few more pics taken outside. I used an old base that back in the days used to have a Curtis P-40, 1/72, with a couple of figures, based on a pic taken on Northern Africa during WWII.
    Only the base survived...



  12. What’s not to like?! It’s a little gem of a model.

  13. Hi Rob (@robbo)


    Fragile (quite a few extremely fragile pieces, especially the tiny chrome ones, that we have to handle very carefully to avoid breaking them) but overall a quite nice model to build.
    I particularly enjoy on this type of models the rubber made tyres, sometimes the seats (not on this one, the seat is made on plastic).



  14. Looks even better in the light of the sun. And the base is a beautiful addition.

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