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Tamiya 1/48 P-47D “No Gut’s No Glory” …Major benjamin I. Mayo…

March 2, 2014 in Aviation

the fantastic Tamiya kit…Aeromaster decals

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22 responses to Tamiya 1/48 P-47D “No Gut’s No Glory” …Major benjamin I. Mayo…

  1. Nice job on the Jug, Bob….I love it!

  2. Really sharp. Great work on the checkerboards.
    Can you tell what you used for the NMF?

  3. Very impressive model, Bob, I love it, too!

  4. Outstanding, Bob. 5 stars !

  5. Geez, checkerboard, invasion stripes, and natural metal finish, could you pick any other combination harder to do? But you pulled it off fantastically Beutiful job!

  6. Great photos, Bob. Really involved and nice finish on a plane that really wants to be recognized and avoided by the friendly AA gunners.

  7. Wow Bob , a great looking Jug there, you did a great save on what you said to us.
    Well done Bob.

  8. looks like you got the NMF just right lovely build those chequers would have scared the c**p outa me,
    nice one Bob

  9. Holy cow! Awesome job! Did you paint the checkerboard or are the decals just that well engineered?

  10. Really nice work. Ben Mayo is one of the most interesting pilots of the 78th, commanding 82ndand 83rd Fighter Squadrons at various times in the period between D-Day and his death. (shameless personal plug, get my Osprey Aces 115, “Aces of the 78th Fighter Group” and read about him) The 78th at this time, along with the other 8th AF P-47 Groups, was tasked for air support through IX TAC for the invasion from D-Day till after Operation Market Garden.

    One thing (not a criticism) for others: when the P-47 went to NMF they stopped painting the leading edge of the flap and interior of the flap well. You can tell if an airplane was painted “in the field” if you see it with the flaps lowered and the leading edge silver, because they were painted on the base with the flaps up (this from Dick Hewitt, who was in charge of painting 82nd FS airplanes).

    Again, a beautiful rendition of one of the Duxford Eagles’ most iconic Thunderbolts.

  11. Great job all around. You really did a great job with the stripes, checkers and NMF…lots of patience no doubt!

  12. Bob,
    Absolutely gorgeous. I like everything about it.

  13. Nice clean build. superior work on the “checkerboard”, it must have been a difficult job. Looks great!

  14. Whoa, whoa, whoa Bob! That is one beautiful ‘Jug. I could spend a long time looking over the pics; well, I already have actually and will look some more! Bravo!!

  15. thank you gentlemen for the marvelous reception

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