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Love It or Hate It

February 17, 2014 · in Automotive · · 15 · 1.6K

Whatever you attitude season is back over here. This is one of my two ever Nascar builds. I tried to get some shots of the interior & as a result the images did not come out too well. Seems harder to photograph small stuff than build it.

This is a 1/43rd scale resin kit from Starter of France. It is Dale Earnhardt Sr. 1986 car. The kit interior came with a seat, dash & a primitive roll cage. The cage was replaced by a full scratch built cage with seat belts, padding & shifter. On the outside the window straps and rear over flow pipe have been added.

Most of the blue are decals that came with the kit. The yellow & interior blue are Model Master enamel.

Once again I apologize for the quality of the photos.

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  1. I like it , we don't have Nascar in the U.K. so I have no idea what it is apart from that it is car racing of some sort so my oppinion is un-biased, it looks neat and clean and well excecuted,thanks N.

  2. That looks sweet Al. Well built and painted as Neil said.
    Well done Al.

  3. Looks great Al. I hope this will encourage more car modelers to share their work here.

  4. Nice work, Al. 1/43rd.? What were they thinking-or is it a metric thing?

  5. Nice little build...and equally nice photos.

  6. Al, this is really impressive, I've tried a couple of these resin kits, and they are not easy, especially in this scale.

  7. Al,
    Beautifully done. Hard to believe this is 1/43rd when one looks at the detail you have added and the overall excellent build.

  8. An "outside the box" model, nicely done! When I was employed at a hobby shop, we had two customers from England that flew to the States to meet with a U S diecast supplier. They hailed from London, owned a hobby shop, and wanted to import NASCAR replicas to their business. I was surprised that anyone from England had any interest in American racing, but I was told there are a few Brits that follow it. Plus they purchased from our shop about $500.00 worth of Corgi diecast items, they claimed it was hard to get in England.

  9. Al, I totally agree with Frank. I didn't know they even made stock cars in 1/43. What a job that must have been. It's difficult enough to do one in 1/25, which is what I thought it was. I've been to several Daytona 500's and to the museum (RCR) where this car, along with most Earnhart's other cars, are on display (outside Charlotte,NC). Looks like you nailed it !. ,

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