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Meng 1:32 Me-163B Komet

July 10, 2014 in Aviation

Hello everybody, after a long time here is the last one I’ve finished! It is the model That I was awarded with on the April best of show model.
It is a great model, but it took me some extra time, because I added some detail in the cockpit and rocket engine.
It was painted as always with Gunze acrylics and weathered with oils and pastels.

Hope you like it!

Best regards:


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17 responses to Meng 1:32 Me-163B Komet

  1. I’ve seen a few of these built up and they look great,does the kit come with a Japanese option….or have just I made that up ?
    Nice work all the same Emeterio.

  2. Crancking Komet Emeterio. Very nice.

  3. Lovely work, Emeterio.

    I saw one of these kits at trader’s stand at the Hendon show for just £30, which I thought good value. Like Neil, I might consider something a little different – a post-War Soviet version, perhaps. Also, I seem to recall that the wings were made by a furniture manufacturer, so an exposed wing surface of wood grain might be interesting, too.

    That said, yours looks great.

  4. Great built, Emeterio, especially the subtle weathering.
    If you ever come to Munich: there’s one hanging from the sealing in Deutsches Museum.

  5. I ment ceiling of course. 🙂

  6. Nice realistic finish and beautifully displayed.

  7. Very nice paint job and chipping.

  8. This is making good use of the award. Your work on the bare metal surfaces is excellent. Just a little hint of steam punk there.
    It’s just great.

  9. Hi Emeterio, a great “Kraftei” well done ! This slight weathering looks
    very good.

  10. I concur with the masses, sir….a most stellar completion indeed. Although I’ve yet to see one in person, those Meng kits (from what I’ve seen here) are pretty darn good I suspect.

  11. Hi Emeterio, you’ve built a exquisite model, I’d say more but it’s already been said.

  12. Superb, Emeterio. Simply superb.

  13. An inspirational model, as in, inspiring me to pull mine out.

    Very nice work.

    For those thinking of a Japanese Shusui, the canopy and cockpit are very different. Ditto the Soviet airplane. We have the only Shusui left out at Planes of Fame, which I recently got to see at ground level while they were cleaning it after years hanging from the ceiling – a good scratchbuilder could do it but you’d need a vacuforming capability for the canopy.

  14. Like the others have said, Emeterio, you’ve got an excellent finish on this. It’s always good to see a completed prize, especially when it’s as good as this one.

  15. Emoterio,
    I am very late with my comment on this but not late with my overwhelming praise. A stunning job on this. It looks almost real.

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