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Star Wars Rogue One Blue Squadron Leader General Antoc Merric

October 2, 2018 · in Sci-fi · · 26 · 5K

Blue Squadron did an awesome job of racing through the gate and getting into the battle of Scarif in Rogue One: a Story. The Leader of Blue Squadron was Antoc Merric. He and his squadron of fighters destroyed several of the AT-ACTs harassing rebel forces, aiding the Rebels in acquiring the Death Star plans. During the ensuing air combat with TIE strikers, Merrick was shot down resulting in his death. Here is a model of General Merric's X-Wing known as Blue One. I used a Red X-Wing kit and custom painted it as The Blue Leader's X-Wing. I like to take photos of my builds against the computer screen with appropriate background scenes.

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  1. Beautiful x-wing. Weathered to rebellious perfection for my money and I thought that first photo was a digital representation at first. Superb all round.

  2. Yep, this model was made by G.Lucas staff for sure πŸ˜‰ Not my cup of tea but easily eye catching. Congrats on the photo idea also

  3. Nice idea about the background methods. I like it.

  4. Beautiful X-Wing John! Being a Star Wars fan I'm really impressed by your fantastic rendering of this iconic fighter!

    Have the film, will re-watch that scene you mention.



  5. These Bandai Star Wars kits are the best. Eagerly waiting on the B-wing's release and hopefully we'll get a TIE bomber and Imperial Shuttle too! Nice to see an X-Wing wearing something other than red for a change! Great idea for the background too!

  6. I can only repeat the others, but this is excellent and using that background for the photos is a great idea!

    I really enjoyed Rogue One and am ready for the next installation!

    Well done, John

  7. Great job with this Bandai project.

  8. Love your Star War builds!

  9. Well done John, great looking X-Wing.

  10. Great to see so much love here for a Star Wars Build!

  11. Excellent work. By far the best of the recent Star Wars movies.

  12. Fabulous look, John. The weathering in particular is very nice. It's ready to be a. prop!

    FYI, since you like the look, green screen software is cheap and readily available. You can created such a backdrop as a one-time-only effort, snap your pics against it, then do what you like to achieve this look even more efficiently.

    I did this here:

  13. Thank you for inspiration, just have ordered that fighter.
    What to do it's my generation stuff :).
    All the best!

  14. Hello: I just found this site and I am Impressed by what I see. I have a question for John Richards. Where did you get your decals for the Blue Squadron X-Wing ?
    Your kit is great.
    Mark Pickett

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