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Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet

1/72 Me 163B Komet & reading 'Rocket Fighter'

I had a Uncle/Nephew visit and flight at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton. During our visit to the Gift shop, I found a few old paperbacks that looked like some cheap good reading. One book I found was a 'Bantam War' [...]

GasPatch 1/48 Komet

Here is my GasPatch Me-163, finished at last. I started this kit over 18 months ago, but life got a bit hectic. I used my Christmas break to get it finished. The kit is great. It’s very nicely detailed, especially the cockpit, and the [...]

1/48th Me 163 and Scheuch-Schlepper

A gem Dragon model depicting the innovative rocket propelled fighter. The Scheuch-Schlepper is a CMK resin kit.

GasPatch Models 1/48 Me 163B Komet.

What a fantastic kit this is. Any issues were of my own making and that was only a slight misalignment of the Cannon Cartridge Ejector Chute which caused a little fit issue with the wings. Everything else was a great fit. Primed with [...]

Red Rocket

This aircraft was built as part of the “Imperial German Air Service / Luftwaffe Group Build May 1st, 1910, to Present Day” group build. Maj. Wolfgang Spate was the commanding officer of EKdo 16 (Erprobungskommando 16 or Test Command [...]

Me-163 Komet

Built back around 1989, (ex-Hawk kit, first produced in 1960 I believe) my Testors version was issued in 1982. The aircraft is the well-known rocket-powered interceptor, the Me163 Komet, in 1/48 scale. This kit had only about 25 [...]

Power Egg...1/48 Messerschmitt Me163B V41 "Red Baron"

Built in 2016. Dragon kit with kit decals and additional ones from Revell and Testors, the RLM red was a selfmix. The model shows an a/c of Erprobungskommando 16 at Bad Zwischenahn in May 1944. This aircraft made the first operational [...]

Me 163B V41…

The Red Baron meets the Twilight Zone...Not really the Twilight Zone, but sort of… I had noticed for a while that my very close-in depth perception had been bothering me. Even with my Opti-Visor, I had been having trouble working on fine [...]

Trimaster 1/48 Me 163 B V53

This kit was in my model storage closet for 30 plus years and after spending 3 months on the Blenheim i was looking for a less complex project so here it is. I used an Aires cockpit set and it actually fit fairly well. Paints are a [...]

Me 163 Walkaround

The Me 163 has been a part of the exhibition at Gatow Luftwaffenmuseum for years, but it used to be exhibited in a separate room. Now, it’s hanging from the ceiling which creates a much more dramatic effect. Enjoy the pictures.