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A 1 H Skyraider

August 26, 2014 in Aviation

Picture the following scenario: It is 1969, a Navy A-6 crew has gone down in enemy territory and the NVA is closing in for the kill. The aviators are at the mercy of the jungle and an enemy hell bent on capturing Yankee Air Pirates. The only thing that stands between them and the enemy is a Sandy rescue mission. With their emergency radios switched to the survival frequency it would only be a matter of hours before a Sandy rescue mission would come to save them from the clutches of the enemy.
After spending a harrowing night in an alien hostile environment hiding from the NVA, they are faced with the prospect of capture as a sizeable NVA force comes into view. Just then the early morning air rumbles with the mighty roar of a Spad as it sweeps in low with vortices streaking its wingtips as it cuts a path through the humid jungle air. “Bravo 6, this is Sandy One, over…..”
My 1/48 scale Tamiya A 1 H Skyraider represents a Spad from the 602nd SOS based at Nakhon Phanom RTAFB (Naked Fanny) Thailand 1969. She is dressed up for a typical long range rescue flight deep into North Vietnam carrying 8000 lbs of ordinance She is armed with 4 M3 guns in her wings, each containing 200 rounds of 20 mm ammo. Her guns are further complemented by a six barrel SUU 11 minigun spitting pure hell fire at 100 rounds per second. She also carries two LAU-68 seven tube rocket pods and FOUR 19 tube LAU-19’s. To top everything off, she carries 6 SUU-14 cluster bomb dispensers and two drop tanks.
My Spad is decked out in a typical Southeast Asia scheme courtesy of ModelMaster enamels. Weathering was done with Tamiya weathering kits and pastels

12 additional images. Click to enlarge

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31 responses to A 1 H Skyraider

  1. Nice job on all the details, Morne…I always liked that kit.

  2. Good one, Morne!

    Given the asymetrical loadout on the main pylons, is there a smaller fuel tank available someplace?

    I got no idea, it just looks BIG to me.

    Question, not criticism.

    Great marking, reflects the time beautifully. Good old Laugh In.

    • Hi Bernard. I have seen photos in an old TAKE OFF magazine, issue 27 from the the 1980’s, a Sandy Skyraider carrying such a drop tank arrangement. I can only think that the weight of the minigun pod loaded with ammo could compensate. No doubt the pilot set a couple of clicks of left rudder trim to offset the drag created by that arrangement.

  3. I was wondering what happened to my dump truck and you painted it all those funky colors… Super job. I really like the scenario and the build.

    • Thanks Paul. Again your Navy Spad is fabulous! Still have to build mine dressed up as the famous toilet bomber!

      • I had the 32 scale one and the Trumpeter kit has the toilet but no decals for “Paper Tiger II” I traded it to go down to 48 so I got this kit and the kinetic A-6E which will probably after my Bf 110 D-3.
        Your build is really a fine looking build.

  4. Another of your realistically weathered aircraft.
    Very sharp.

  5. Another very awesome Skyraider – love it! Great weathering and paint job!

  6. Morne:

    Thanks. I’ll look thru my SPAD references.

    Where did you get the sharkmouth for the minigun?

    Did you drill out the ends of the munitions dispensors? SU-114s?

    • Hi Bernard. The sharkmouth decal came from an old Hasegawa weapon set. No drilling was required on the dispensers. Tamiya did a great job with this kit.Thanks for your comments.

  7. Morne, I loved reading your introduction nearly as much as I enjoyed the pictures, great posting.

  8. Excellent work Morne! Love the SPAD especially in the three tone camo.

  9. Excellent work Morne, the variety of models and finishes you’ve posted really showcase your talents. You build, paint and photograph equally well, a very impressive set of skills.

  10. Hello Morne…Another fine build on that Skyraider. Your weathering skills are outstanding. Very nicely done.

  11. Well done, great attention to detail pays off on this one.

  12. A Spad loaded for bear you may say.
    Looks great Morne, especially the classic Nam colours.

  13. love your Nam work how long have you been building?

  14. hope my a1 J will end up like yours! i will do mine with the black belly!!!!!! perfect works on this tami spad

  15. Morne,
    Absolutely outstanding.

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