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1/24 Revell / Monogram Scarab, Done, Finito, Finished.

October 26, 2014 in Uncategorized

I built this years ago and it was a glue bomb. I wanted to go back and give her another try. There is still a few woogies here and there, but I am happy with the results. The only modification I made was to add a top half of a engine under the intake vents behind the driver. And seat belts. I think it adds a little depth to the model.. A simple inexpensive kit, but I really enjoyed this one. Painted with Tamiya rattle cans. I hope you like.
California Steve

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16 responses to 1/24 Revell / Monogram Scarab, Done, Finito, Finished.

  1. Looks sweet Steve.
    Nice finish with the rattle cans.

  2. Big fan of reprise and second chances. Nice work.

  3. Thank you Rob. I know what you mean in both modeling and in life.
    California Steve

  4. Glad to see this brought back to life Steve. What did you use for a base coat under the yellow?
    Well done.

  5. Thanks Al, It was sprayed directly over the blue. Not as cool as your Delahaye. But I’d get you in the corners. What is it about blue cars?
    Thanks for the nice words.
    California Steve

  6. Woogies…? You certainly have a way with words (and model building). Nice.

  7. Thanks Craig. Woogies, Things that are there that you don’t want there. Take my Wife—— PLEASE! OK sorry about the Henny Youngman. Good to here from you Craig.
    California Steve

  8. I like this very much, Steve, you’ve done a beautiful job of bringing out the classic looks of this American sports car, and, as you say, the seat belts add just that final touch.

  9. Now that IS eye candy Steve. Well done!!!

  10. Looking good Steve, the metallic look is absolute flawless, well done !

  11. Nice job, Steve. It came out as good as I expected. Very pretty, indeed.

  12. Thank you Joe! I had to put some bling in between the camo and Dullcoat on the model shelf.
    California Steve

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