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Sdkfz Mech

December 23, 2014 in Armor

hello everyone,
i would like to present my new kitbash which is inspired with similar mech from dust tactics.
legs are scratched from styrene with details like Pzkpfv wheels, power supply cables, brass rods
legs and feet can rotate and move in all directions

tried to do some rust weathering but still dont know what to do, even with all instructional materials
bad and good comments are welcome and hope you like it.

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16 responses to Sdkfz Mech

  1. Very imaginative, Matija…at least no one can accuse you having something “wrong”. 🙂

  2. As Craig said, very imaginative.
    What scale is it?
    Looks good though.
    Well done mate.

  3. Hip thing!

    I think it could do with some bleaching and chipping.
    I would mix a bleached nuance of the “panzer grey” and spray thinly and unevenly from above. Some chipping with a normal pencil or a “metal pencil” might also help it come alive.

  4. It is one thing to have an imagination but being able to translate an idea into something that looks feasible takes it to a whole new level.
    Well presented Matija.

  5. Very nice, Matija, the Heeresversuchsanstalt missed this !

  6. Matija:
    Blitzkrieg meets Star Wars!
    Fascinating, really different approach to the well worn halftrack.
    I looked at it, and said, “What the…..”
    Good stuff!

  7. Cool concept, I like it! Great weathering as well.

  8. I want to do one of these! Well done and very creative. Whooo Yeaaa!!
    California Steve

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