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sci-fi ww2 concept

This was guide idea (link) my version, imagined as CAS aircraft with lots of weapons under wings, fuselage full of fuel, wings for lot of lift.

WW2 x-plane "what-if"

Experimental airplane from axis that never flew, sitting in a museum. Design idea was light ground attacker with heavy guns and internal bomb bay.

Ural Mi-8 camper

Once upon a time i saw someone made model of Mi-24 camper like this and i had Mi-8 fuselage in kitbash box, so one thing led to another. roof pack, generator and canisters are DIY, behind truck cabin is paper printed OSB plate with [...]


Hello, let me introduce my new brain-squirt in form of Mi-28 heavy transport variant. Second hand models used: Mi-28 front fuselage, A-8 lower fuselage and landing gear, AH-66 fenestron, Mi-8 engines and rotors, F-14 wings I know wings are [...]

Su-300 SAM

Greetings, this would be alternative history soviet SAM on Su-100 chassis. Time period would be late 1950s. Missile tubes are from confetti candy with styrene, wires, table tennis ball.

Self propelled SLCM

Hello, after countless layers of everything modeller didnt have 15 years ago, i present you my new brainchild. Idea came from Soviet TU-141 & 143 drones, and if you avoid making cameras, you can call it missile. stuff used: challenger, [...]

Jet car

This is german representative in land speed record breaking alternative after war history (say it 3 times fast).

Land speed record

So, this is fusion of xj220 and f-14 canopy with few naca inlets and BMW M1 hood. The idea behind this are record breaking vehicles in 1930s-40s like : (link) Livery is lazy pick but appropriate because drivers were mostly British.

Long range Kamikaze

Story is that near the end of war Japanese joined planes damaged in ground attacks and put simple bomb on nose, JATO rockets for take off and worn out engine for longer range. The base is laminate flooring, wall is styrodur, grass is [...]

I-116 racer

hi, i wish to present to you my old version of "aerial F1" Its made from Polikarpov I-16 plane in 1/72, and few bits from other kits.