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M2 A2 Tamiya 1/35th scale circa 2002ish.

January 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

Well I thought I would post this build from about 2003.
My mother retired from work and decided to take me on holiday.
We went to Guernsey (one of the Channel Islands), we had spent time there before.
Anyhow, I brought this kit as a present for myself to remind me of my youth.
There use to be a shop in the main town that sold kits that back then I had never heard of.
A real modelers candy store.

As you can see , not the most expertly put together kit, brush painted with Humbrol Enamels.
As builds go, as I remember, a typical Tamiya Shake and Bake, no issues in that department.

All comments welcome.

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19 responses to M2 A2 Tamiya 1/35th scale circa 2002ish.

  1. Looks like you had the basics down back then Simon. Everything after that is a plus.

  2. Still a nice kit, well done.

  3. Like it Simon 🙂

  4. Wow….a “rivet counter’s” nightmare – or dream (whichever). Nice work, Simon.

    • Thanks Craig, I can remember many years back building the M113 by Tamiya, and I was amazed at the interior detail that came with it.
      I think my skills have improved a weeny little bit since then but not much though.

  5. Cool build on a cool subject mate!

    • Thanks Richard, There was a lot more That if I look at it now, I would of done a lot lot better.
      But hey, it was back then.
      Keep warm mate.

      • That’s what it’s all about though mate, you have to start somewhere and this is still very good. I try to improve on my abilities with every new build, ‘try’ being the operative word there, isn’t always the case!

  6. Looks good from here, Simon, and if it brings back memories as well, that’s even better.

    • Thanks George, it did bring back memories.
      We spent a few holidays in the Channel Isles, some great times fishing or visiting the many WW2 relics scattered around the Islands.

  7. Good looking build 👍 did you have any issues with it?

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