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Skyraider, an old one, very old indeed.

January 6, 2015 in Aviation

Well as I started dusting off old kits, I decided to post this one.
It`s the old Monogram/Revell kit.
Not a lot to it, not much in the way of under wing stores.
Glued and painted by me, using brushes and Tamiya paint, I know , Tamiya paint does not brush well, as I found out.
Done S.E.A colours (one of my favs).
I built this about. a year before I joined this forum

Anyhow usual comments

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22 responses to Skyraider, an old one, very old indeed.

  1. Doesn’t look all that bad to ME, Simon…R/M you say? What scale..?

  2. Looks like you had a lot better results brushing Tamiya paint than I ever did.
    Nice build Simon.

  3. Nice job on the camoflage, Simon.

  4. Simon, you’re correct about brush painting using Tamiya paint, I’ve had no luck with it either. Nice job overall, it looks good from here!

  5. Simon, nice job on your Skyraider, that’s certainly the best brush painting job I’ve seen with Tamiya paints. I got so frustrated with them I gave away all I had as a “white elephant” prize. On the other hand Tamiya spray paint are the best I’ve ever used..

  6. nice job Si…brushed…unbelievable

  7. This is one of my favourite Skyraiders. I remember as a child of 12 drooling over the old Matchbox kit in quarter scale. Today she fades in comparison to Tamiya/Hasegawa but with some TLC still builds into a nice kit!! Well done Simon!!

  8. I think this kit came out in 1967, about the time their other 1/72s, Bearcat and the P-36 came out. It’s been rereleased 2-3 times since, the original was in the gull grey upper, white lowers (some all over coin grey) scheme, like Maj. Fishers MOH aircraft. Early Viet Nam scheme
    Still the only “station wagon” version in 1/72, as is the 48th Matchbox/Revell recent reissue. Not as racy as the single seater, I guess.

    • You are probably right about the re-issues Bernard, this kit had the decals for the Navy?Marines version with Grey uppers and White lowers. I did the S.E.A. scheme to match in with some builds in the stash.

  9. Hi Simon,
    Old but still very good quality build.
    Interesting version of the Skyraider.
    The “father”of the Prowler.
    regards, Dirk / The Netherlands

  10. An old favorite, and still a nice kit (for it’s age) Well done !

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