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This is the end…

February 26, 2016 in Aviation

Inspired by photos in a book about Phantoms, sadly this the fate of many an obsolete aircraft. I think they were located at a Marine air station in Hawaii, being used for parts. It started out as esci/ertl kit 1/72 F-4S.

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6 responses to This is the end…

  1. Interesting……I always toyed with the idea of building one depicting the Phantoms stored at Davis-Monthan AFB outside Tucson – you know ….the ones with the spray-lat on ’em.

  2. Reminds me of an F-4S we had aboard the Theodore Roosevelt, not much but fuselage and wings. They used it to train the deck crew towing aircraft.

  3. A different view of this classic aircraft, well thought out.

  4. Now I’ve got a really good idea for what to do with a build that I get tired of part way through… 😉

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