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More Mopar

May 9, 2016 in Automotive

First up is Johans 1968 Police cruiser, I started it over twenty years ago, wanted to do it in the old green/black/white scheme of NYCPD, but the decals supplied were blue . So it lay forgotten until now . I figure it’s an unmarked patrol car or an early Men in Black P.O.S. .
Second is a Yodel? kit I did awhile back with after market decals., having fallen of the dresser a few times losing its light bar, it ended up in the garage until now. I borrowed some lights from the Johan kit, I doubt if their accurate.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge

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5 responses to More Mopar

  1. Let’s go with early MIB, and assume Flip Wilson as the protagonist instead of Will Smith!

  2. Right on target, the devil made him do it.

  3. Wow….those are some killer tires on that NYPD patrol car.

  4. Good looking cars there, Robert, maybe those tyres are for coping with the New York winters……….

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