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German Air Force Focke Wulf 190 D-9 Yellow 10

Here I have a model that I built about 15 years ago at the beginning of my modeling career. It is a kit from Airfix 1:72

Matchbox 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IID

Matchbox 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk.IID, No. PK-49 (1989) This is Matchbox's later release of their earlier Hurricane but this time, with extra parts to build the Mk.IID version with the two 40mm cannons. I wanted to build this for a recent [...]

Vintage BuildsMonogram Classic Lockheed Constellation

I don't have any vintage kits built, at least none that I want to take pictures of as they were built decades ago. But I am working on a classic Monogram kit from 1956. It's a Lockheed Super G Constellation in box scale. It was a gift from [...]

Vintage Kits

Hello to everyone This is my first post. Reading all the posts on Vintage kits, I decided to look through my stash of unbuilt kits to see what I might have. I found quite a few and included a couple of photos of a few of them. The include [...]

Some Vintage Lindberg Builds

Here's some of my old Lindberg builds, all in 1:48

1/72 Airfix Wellington

In the recent postings of the great vintage kits here, I thought I'd share one of my presents of the past Christmas. Last October I was scanning EBAY and spotted a mint condition 1959 Airfix Wellington kit. I happened to mention to my [...]

Vintage models

Here are some of my vintage models. They're all Matchbox. Firstly, there is the Armstrong Whitworth Siskin IIIA which is J8652 P from B Flight No. 41 Squadron at Northolt in 1929. Then there's a Handley Page Heyford Mk. 1 of K3498 Q of A [...]

More oldies

Inspired by the recent posts of vintage kits, I thought I’d add a few . Almost everything in my model collection can be considered “Vintage” , “Classic “, “old”. The unbuilt kits are ones I’ve acquired over the years and [...]

My Vintage Testors Builds

Here's my Testors builds from about 2010. I've always had a thing for Ryan PT-22s and ST3KRs, having flown several in the '60s and '70s. I could never find a PT-22 kit, so I went with the Testors PT-20 kits and modified one to a PT-20A [...]

Bob's Vintage Built kits

When I saw "Vintage" I had to show my vintage builds too. Many of these builds have been posted on this site in the past and some have never been posted. About 26 were built in the 70's and 80's while the rest were built within [...]