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“Almost at home” Vought Corsair F4U-1A, 1:72

July 24, 2016 in Aviation

Hi there

The idea for this little dio came up when I ran across a product called „prop blur“, a photo etched propeller, depicting nothing else but a rotating props. AA very simple but veeeeeeery clever product, I just loved it (and I still do). When I saw this little gimmick, I knew instantly I had to build this dio and due to the fact that I had just recently made my own photo etched parts for US Navy flight decks, the whole project only took a couple of days to complete. The base was made of wood (mostly) depicting no specific USN Navy carrier deck. The wooden strips for the flight deck are nothing else but wooden veneer, (nothing can simulate wood as good as real wood) and the cat walk was made of some plastic sheet and a few of those self-created PE parts. I added some figures and a few extra details and finally all that was missing was the Hasegawa Corsair F4U-1A which was built mostly out of the box with the exception of a few more details, like the pilot figure and this wonderful little prop.For coloring I used acrylics as usual and for weathering the salt technique to achieve that special look,

Have fun

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8 responses to “Almost at home” Vought Corsair F4U-1A, 1:72

  1. Very good result, Rene. I’ve seen the prop blur products and agree they offer a specialty effect that is otherwise hard to achieve. There used to be a disc effect product but it wasn’t as good.

    I have to say though, for me the star of the show is the carrier deck.

  2. Amazing detail(s) for such a small scale…one of the better dioramas I’ve seen on the subject. Great job, sir.

  3. Nice work Rene! I still marvel at the photos I took of your USS Sangamon at Pensacola. Your figures are placed so naturally and lifelike.

  4. Very cool. You could probably market the deck.

  5. Nice work and really nice dio, Rene. Enjoyed the pics.

  6. Rene’, nice work. Modeling should be fun, and when it turns out nice like this, its even more fun. I like it.

  7. Keford Ira ? on the deck

  8. Great dio! Love the detail on your 1/72 airplanes as always. It would have been fun (though a real pain to create) to see the pilot being thrown forward against his harness as the cable when taut!

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