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Seafire FR.47: Airfix 1/48

May 22, 2023 · in Aviation · · 21 ≡

My attempt at the 90's , built from its original boxing. This represents VP 461, flying with 800 Naval Air Squadron, based initially in Hong Kong before its deployment to the Korean War aboard HMS Triumph.

I can see why this was a landmark kit for Airfix; fit and detail are generally excellent. Only the thick, ancient decals were an obstacle - I can see why they were abandoned in later boxings. Partly because of this - and partly to retain as much of the nice surface detail as possible - I opted to paint the invasion stripes and roundels, plus the larger codes, using Montex masks.

The only other additions were a Falcon canopy, Eduard PE harness (and some stencils), plus some scratch detailing in the cockpit and a couple of rudimentary oblique cameras.

I tried to conjure an airframe pushed hard in action, but maintained to withstand life on a carrier. I'm sure no exposed metal would've been permitted, although the wear of constant use must've built up over time. Of those planes that survived the conflict, only a few were airworthy; many others were scrapped upon their return, driven to the end of their functional lives.

This final iteration of the Spitfire is such a striking, muscular end to the line. Although piston engine fighters were pretty much obsolete by the time the FR.47 entered service, the Seafire is a mighty last gasp.

Thanks for looking.

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  1. That’s just gorgeous, Tim T, the weathered finish is just sublime. I love to see well built Airfix kits, and this is one of the best I’ve seen here on iModeler.

    • Thanks, George! That's high praise indeed. Airfix get a lot of flack, it seems, but my string of recent kits have all been good experiences.

  2. Looks really nice! I thought for sure that it was the new-tool kit, I had to read twice to make sure that I saw correctly it was the old one! Well done

    • Thanks, David. The 90's kit was really excellent, although when it was reboxed those terrible decals were replaced with Cartograph, which was a distinct upgrade.

  3. High marks for a fine build, weathered well.

  4. Excellent build Tim

  5. All those bulges make me think of a muscle-builder on steroids! You really captured her look well. Excellent build - I HAVE to add one of these to my stash...

    • Yes - my thoughts exactly. Compared to the Mk. I, the FR.47 looks incredibly beefy. I'd recommend the kit if you haven't tried one before.

  6. What a stunner! A Spitfire on steroids.
    My compliments.

  7. Your Seafire is fantastic. Great paint job.

  8. Very nice weathering

  9. Fabulous result on this old Airfix Seafire, Tim @timtozer231
    The weathering on it looks amazing.

  10. Amazing result, Tim! Excellent painting and weathering and very nice write-up!

  11. Nicely done, all around, Tim!

  12. Really excellent work Tim, and a very accurate representation of what these airplanes looked like after their participation in the first 100 days of the Korean War.

    One thing historically: 800 Squadron went aboard Triumph in Britiain for a tour in the Far Eastern Fleet, where they flew strikes against the communists in Malaya. Then they went up to Hong Kong for a final visit before returning to Britain, only to find the day after they arrived that there was a new war on. Triumph made the Pyongyang strikes with Valley Forge over the July 4 weekend that convinced Stalin not to commit the Red Air Force to direct support of the Norks and their invasion.

    • Thanks, Tom. I used your entry on the Seafire as a reference, so apologies if I misrepresented it in my summary. Your articles are usually part of my research.
      Glad you think the paintwork is a decent reflection of what these planes went through. Often, I've seen the FR.47 build almost spotlessly clean.

  13. That’s particularly awesome work!

  14. This is excellent. I have one on the bench now. I am going to use yours as a reference for my finish.

  15. Absolutely beautiful in this scheme!

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