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F-4K Phantom Royal Navy in scale 1-72 from Fujimi (GROUP BUILD)

August 13, 2016 in Aviation

The Royal Navy received 48 Phantoms. In service 30th april 1968, retired 27 november 1978. Due to its seize, operations were limited to HMS Eagle and HMS Ark Royal.
The twin reheating Rolls-Royce powered F4K Phantom had some specific modifications, enabling her to operate from the deck of UK carriers.
Most interesting, was the extended nose wheel. After catapult launching, this first had to shrink before it could be locked up in the forward wheel well.
The F4K is cross-decked on board a USS Carrier. Bombed up with life ordnance (mud movers) for launch.The exercise was a combined bombing raid of US and UK warplanes in a life ordnance drop. Target area “Cape Wrath’ in Northern Schotland.
This facility is shared with the US Air Force and US Navy/Marine Corps.
Up to 1,000 lb bombs can be dropped.

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16 responses to F-4K Phantom Royal Navy in scale 1-72 from Fujimi (GROUP BUILD)

  1. Nice work and very neatly presented on its base along with all the accessories.

  2. Excellent job and very well presented! Which kit is this?
    Cheers, Christian

  3. Nice work on the Fujimi RN F-4K, well presented, thanks for sharing.

  4. Stellar workmanship – especially in that ‘smaller’ scale. I like it! 🙂

  5. Wonderful Phantom Dio Dirk.
    Well done mate.

  6. Lovely model Dirk, well presented.

  7. Excellent build, and very nice diorama as well. Were those decals in the kit or after market?

  8. Great build Dirk, and a lovely little diorama to go with it!

  9. Gentlemen,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    To answer the questions:
    Greg, the decals came with the box. Good quality.
    Christian, the model is from the 1/72 Fujimi range.

  10. Great work – the diorama comes across really well

  11. Very excellent and interesting modeling Dirk!! That is very exciting to look at, and it looks alive!!
    Best regards, Steve Cook :O)

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