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F-100 D Super Sabre (Trumpeter, Eduard, 1:48)

September 5, 2016 in Aviation

Hello friends, this is one of my older builds from 2014…I like the Sabre very much, also the colorful markings on those old birds. It must have been like riding a bullett when flying with it – can only imagine that 😉
The Kit was fantastic to build, no complaints, to add more details to the cockpit I used an Eduard Set.
Cheers, Christian

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12 responses to F-100 D Super Sabre (Trumpeter, Eduard, 1:48)

  1. Christian, beautiful build! Before camouflage came in for Viet Nam, things were real colorful. This must be a wing commanders aircraft, as it has all 3 component squadron badges. 20th tactical fighter wing out of Weathersfield, England. The one you usually see from that outfit is “Triple Zilch” FW-000, the wing commanders aircraft at the time.

  2. Very well done NMF F-100. Tell me how it went building wise, as having built the Monogram kit many years ago and one in the stash. I really would consider adding this in the stash as I would love to build at least 2 more one would be the F-100F. Thanks for sharing.

  3. A real gem. the colorful days of TAC, rivals the USN schemes before low viz.

  4. I can but only concur with the consensus, Christian…fantastic work!.

  5. Great aircraft I like all the detail


  6. Beautiful – I especially love the heat staining effort. I’ve built an SEA-scheme 100, but want to tackle a NMF as a representation of the one my dad flew. Always daunted by the heat staining, but I’ve got the Tamiya kit in the stash (1/72) waiting for me to work up the nerve! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Great colour scheme, definitely the bees” knees!

  8. Very nice. A friend of mine did the Trumpeter version in 1/32, which also had a lot of presence. I think it has to do with the shape of the forward fuselage and the large heat stained areas under the big fin.

  9. Thank you very much for your nice compliments my friends!
    Great that you have all so much connection to this jet!

  10. Beautiful and impressive ! You tempt me to build the same.

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