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Fiddlers Green EOLE Avion I

September 12, 2016 in Aviation

My friend gave me a few sheets of paper with a models airplanes from Fiddlers Green.
Including this wonderful machine, more like a bat.
For a couple of nights, I built it with pleasure.

Sincerely, Vlad.

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9 responses to Fiddlers Green EOLE Avion I

  1. Never tried (or even seen) one of these….it DOES look like a bat. Good choice on the background, too – makes the blue pop out. Nice job, sir.

  2. Hilarious model! Looks like a bit my mother-in-law from some angles…
    Great dream like photos. Well done!
    ( btw Not very many under normal medication would think to do exhaust pipe from bricks! )

  3. We have a paper modeler in our club, and have had some pretty impressive paper models show up at our contest the last couple of years. Although it really is different skill sets altogether, it is fun and interesting to see another way of representing the fascinating subject of purpose-designed machinery!

  4. Friends, thank you!

    Sincerely, Vlad.

  5. What a wonderful thing to have on your shelf!
    Beautiful colour and shape.
    Congratulations to a successful build!

  6. Nice work Vlad, something a bit different.

  7. Vlad, belatedly just seeing this. There was an obscure plastic kit from France (Brifaut?) for this, which came and went real quick. Glad to see somebody else did one of these, and you built it. Marvelous work! What an aerodynamic shape! Wonder if the locals came after the designer with torches and pitchforks…

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