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Nieuport 10 HRmodel 1:72

September 4, 2016 in Aviation

HRmodel previously released set Nieport-X resin. Purchased by me set of plastic, which is somewhat simplified assembly. Prototype – aircraft Nieuport 10 Dux factory 1st Naval Fighter Detachment, in August 1919. All aircrafts of the company officer names and nicknames were assigned. Nickname Floret formed – flowered.
When assembling the model used:
– Hood, wheels and windscreen frame of a set of Eduard Nieuport-17 (23)
– Motor SmallStuff,
– Modified form of elevators,
– The screw is made of layers of colored paper on epoxy.
– Made decals.

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15 responses to Nieuport 10 HRmodel 1:72

  1. Hi Pavel, it’s beautiful, but why have you published this in “Uncategorised”, surely it should be in aviation?

  2. Beautiful work and a stunning model. Your extra touches have made it unique.

  3. Cute looking little model. Nice wood & other materials. Very clean rigging (I need an easy tutorial for these, please). Brave move to put reference photo & own model side by side – it really shows how good your model is. Hopefully one day I have nerves to try biplane.

  4. Pavel, Excellent workmanship. You’ve managed to turn a rather blah paint scheme into something very attractive. Well Done

  5. Yes….another fine build indeed. Rigging a 72nd biplane is beyond my capabilities (I wouldn’t even TRY it). 🙁
    And looking at yours reinforces my thinking. Fabulous work, sir.

  6. Beautiful work indeed.
    I was particular impressed that you have scratch build the propeller using paper. How do you do that?

  7. I have never used the word perfect before. But this is a perfect representation of the prototype. Well done Pavel.
    California Steve

  8. Yes another lovely example of your modeling skills Pavel.

  9. You are a master, plain and simple!

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