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Spitfire Mk.VIII by Tamiya in 1/32 scale

September 28, 2016 in Aviation

One of the RAAF’s best known aces, Group Captain Clive R. Caldwell, flew the original in early 1945, with 452 squadron & due to his rank, was able to have his initials on the aircraft.
My references show her in Darwin preparing to depart for Morotai. The kit has been built OOB, using Gunze paints & Victory Productions decals to finish off. I started this one to meet a club display deadline, leaving too little time for the job, which almost guarantees that something will be missed………..!
Thanks for looking.

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20 responses to Spitfire Mk.VIII by Tamiya in 1/32 scale

  1. Great job on a great kit….nice work, Tony.

  2. Tony, The MK VIII has always been one of my favorite’s, especially when they are nicely built such as this. Well done !

  3. Great looking Spit! Nice finish and subtle weathering.

  4. Very nice to see in RAAF markings too … great work

    • Thanks David. I needed a break from green & grey RAF schemes & there’s a lot on the web for RAAF Spitfires. It was either this or the ‘uncamouflaged’ scheme. Caldwell won!

  5. Very Nice, love the paint job. Keep up the good work Tony

  6. Beautiful and detailled. Good job !

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very nice work Tony.
    Having a nice time just looking at the paint job … very well done.

  8. Thanks DE. You’re very kind. Painting’s the best part I think.

  9. One word …prfect build and paint .

  10. Beautiful Spitfire, Tony. Hope it got the deserved attention at your club meeting.
    Looks very complete to my eye, was something missing ?

  11. Hi Bernd. Thank you fir the kind words. Next club meeting is on 5th November so I now have plenty of time to fine tune it. What I missed was the scuffing at the wing roots, which is now done!

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