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1/48 Monogram Mil-24VP Krocodil

October 20, 2016 in Aviation

1/48 Revell Monogram Mil-24 with Cobra Products cockpit set, Cobra VP conversion, and CMK tail boom extension, wheels, wing pylons, Begemot codes & Stars, Linden Hill stencils, Aeromaster numbers. 2.5 degrees of tilt modified into fuselage per Mil. drawings. Bort 02 is currently flying ops in Syria.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to 1/48 Monogram Mil-24VP Krocodil

  1. Sharp-lookin’ build and presentation, John…..nice work.

  2. John, big fan of this build. 😉

  3. Nice looking Hind John, very well done especially with the after market additions.Any fit issues with the kit?

  4. Colleague, congratulations on the good work! But let me make a comment. Lower surface of blades on this helicopter needs to be black. Radome radar director should be glossy.

  5. And soot from the engines is very large. It should be about outputs and not so much. The helicopters in our army keep clean.

  6. Thanks Dmitry, working from pictures on RT, I used a little artistic license on the soot. I am sure the crews take great care of the machines, some of the RT pix show larger soot stains, so that was my choice. Thanks for those little details, I have never seen a Mil-24 other than photos and only have a couple reference books & the internet to work from. Not too many 1/48 Mil-24 built in the USA, this was my first Helicopter build as it is one of my favorites.

  7. Nice looking finish! That’s a menacing looking bird.

  8. Final pix added with Russian Pilot & Lift cart with rocket box. I used Dimitri’s info and finished the main rotor blades in black and glossed the Radome. This one is behind me now and on the shelf.

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