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1/48 Airfix Sepecat Jaguar

November 24, 2016 in Aviation

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10 responses to 1/48 Airfix Sepecat Jaguar

  1. Excellent build, sir…a really nice job.

  2. Man, I like that Jag! That’s a very striking paint job and it makes a good looking bird look even better. Great model plane!

  3. Very nice! haven’t see one that often. good job.

  4. Welcome onboard at iModeler. This is a very nice rendition of a Jaguar, and with an interesting camo + weathering that adds a lot of viewing pleasure. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thank you very much for the comments

  6. Fantastic job with the Jag !!!!! I really like your camouflage paint. Welcome aboard Sir !!!!!

    (You’ll like it here).

  7. Some strong work on a British classic.

  8. Very nice work. an old kit that needs some work, but one with a greater chance of success than the craptological replacement from that company I won’t name.

  9. Love it! Great scheme you chose as well.

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