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1/72 Hawker 850XP

December 23, 2016 in Aviation

This is my old Matchbox Hawker 600 that i converted to the 850XP. The changes to the original kit included a new vacform windscreen, complete scratch built fight deck and passenger cabin. Reshaped tail belly & vetral fin removed. Vertical tail cord increased 3mm. Wings lengthened and winglets added. Complete scratch built engines & decals designed and printed from Adobe Illustrator.

Comments welcomed.

This is my first post & I’m glad to be part of this group.

Thanks guys, Kurt

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10 responses to 1/72 Hawker 850XP

  1. Looks like you “manufactured” a brand new kit there, Kurt….nice work. Welcome to iModeler…you’ll like it here.

  2. Beautiful job on beautiful craft. and welcome sir.

  3. Gee that looks nice Kurt, well done. Welcome and don’t be a stranger.

  4. Hello Kurt,
    Job well done. Beautiful color scheme with the winglets for efficient flight.
    Certified in 2006, this one still has a long carrier ahead.
    Also good photography.
    Regards, Dirk/The Netherlands.

  5. It’s always special to make a “Grand Entrance” with a Matchbox kit.I would have never guessed that you started this project with one of those trench lined kits. A very strong piece of work that is nothing short of “Professional”. Two thumbs up and a candidate for model of the month in my book. Like the stair well and the paint finish for starters Kurt.

  6. Welcome aboard Kurt !!! Nice job with the Matchbox kit. It really looks great as do the photos you posted. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. Hello Kurt…Excellent build and welcome to the group…I think you’ll like it here. We look forward to seeing more of your fine modeling work.

  8. Wow Thanks for all the great comments guys!!!!! I’m finishing up a 1/72 Amodels Piaggio Avanti P-180 that I’m making a little conversion to the new EVO model with winglets and scimitar prop blades. I’ll post pics of that in few weeks when its done. Cheers every body. This is without a dought the best model web page I’ve ever seen.

  9. Welcome Kurt. Nice introductory submission – very clean build, and great work on all the updating/scratch-building/detailing!

  10. Flattery *will* get yuou everywhere Kurt. 🙂

    Very nice work, considering the collection of scrap plastic you started with. Lots of talent and skill on display.

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