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JMSDF DD 161 Akizuki 1963(1/350 Pit-Road)

January 9, 2017 in Ships

Destroyer JMSDF, with generic etch Flyhawk Railing IJN, Lion Roar Handrails & Ladders, Gold Medal Models chains, Modification of the set from Flagship Models modern warship radars, scratch with Plastruct improvements, replace flag from scratch set Testors custom decal, invisible thead .004 mm nylon, 130 hours Work, 400 part aprox.

Reference; Ships of the World , and images the real ship.

27 additional images. Click to enlarge

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4 responses to JMSDF DD 161 Akizuki 1963(1/350 Pit-Road)

  1. Have not heard of that manufacturer before (Pit Road), but you’ve sure done her proud. I’ve tried my hand at a few ships, but they definitely don’t stand up to the craftsmanship displayed here. Very nice job, sir. iModeler is the best user-friendly modeling site I’ve yet to find…you’ll like it here.

  2. Thank you Craig, pit road is a Japanese company in association with trumpeter, the models sell principally in japan, this kit is very good, but he needs the changes that I did, regards

  3. Hello Anthony…I’m primarily an aircraft modeler with little experience building ships but I recognize the results of fine modeling craftsmanship as seen in all three ship builds you posted. All very nicely done and well detailed. I’m delighted to see your excellent work here on imodeler and look forward to seeing more. Welcome aboard.

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