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1/48 Mirage PZL-23B “Karas”

February 12, 2017 in Aviation

14 additional images. Click to enlarge

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22 responses to 1/48 Mirage PZL-23B “Karas”

  1. Now this is one you don’t see built up very often !!!!!!! You did a fine job with it too. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Very nice. I have one. On the “to do” pile. Great job.

  3. Nice job on one of those planes that are so ugly they are beautiful. Enjoyed the view, and it made me look up the history of this aircraft where I learned about the brave Polish pilots that flew her.

  4. Like it. Nice job on a harder model. One of those “I don’t believe I’ve never built it” kits.

  5. Tsig, how was the build? And what did you use for the “Polish Khaki”?

  6. Nicely finished and photographed, sir….good work.

  7. Great work, thanks for sharing.

  8. Makes me want to consider pulling mine out of the “garage of doom.” Very nice work.

  9. Thank you very much for the comments my friends. I made “Polish khaki” with Gunze colors olive drab H52 70%,Yellow H413 20%,and Black 10%.

    • Tsig, thanks. I’ve got one, I just couldn’t resist that unique looking airplane. Nothing like it! The “Los” is also a favorite. Yeah, I got one of them, too. I look at them bomb bay doors and I just shudder!
      Use RLM 65 for the undersides? Cheating, I know.
      Great work! It REALLY looks the part!
      Agree it took a lot of courage to go up against the Blitzkrieg and those people. They fought with what they had. A familiar theme for the years that followed for a whole lot of people.

  10. Fantastic work on this unusual model, that canopy is especially good.

  11. Love it! Beautiful well-worn look. Thanks for the color hints as well. I’ve got a 1/72 (Heller maybe?) in my stash that I actually pulled out a couple of years ago and prepared to start, then got distracted and put it away. This makes we want to pull it out and get it done!

  12. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Tzigkounakis … I am very much in the thoughts of our friend Louis.
    This is one not seen much ( disgracefully ), but when it does … WOW !
    Very nice build, clean, sharp and very interesting … a very good piece of aviation war history as well as a very keen conversation subject.
    Good photography, thanks for sharing.

  13. The Karas gotta be one of the ugliest aircraft ever made. That said, you made it a Prize Winner!! Good show!!

    Now, where’s my Karas???

  14. Haven’t seen the Zubr, huh? Planes like this are quirky, like the Emsco Arctic Term or the Bennett Aviatruk. Put it on the shelf or on the table at the club, and you get some attention. “What the h–l is that?” Then you can ejumacate people. Or send them scuttling away…

  15. Bowman, there was a thread on here a while back, on what is the ugliest plane you know? In Groups, probably. Get ready for some fun!

  16. This….this is what I love. A rarity in a sea of 109s, 190s, Spits and -51s.
    Well done

  17. thank you very much for the comments my friends

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