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Why Paint That Bull’s Eye Right on Top of the Turret?

May 6, 2021 · in Armor · · 14 · 1.4K

Maybe the French thought they would have air supremacy.

Anyway, I finally finished up my S35 from after having some bad luck with the camouflage on the turret. My original black outlines ran like mascara in the rain when I began brushing a coat of gloss on. Fortunately, I didn't have to strip it and start over.

Otherwise, as usual, it was a fun build from Tamiya.

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  1. Well done. French tanks are always interesting.

  2. Great paint and weathering results, Scott.

  3. Very nice Somua, Scott. I like your color choices, painting and weathering - all spot-on in my view. The way you did the mud on the track guard is especially convincing. Armor doesn't get quite the attention it deserves on this site, in spite of the skills of contributors. French tanks are quite involved but fun to do with the intricate camouflage and markings. I like the black bordered camo you did, which is not easy to achieve. Lots of real modeling skills there. Here is my Char B1 bis of the same generation. I did the camo with masks. Mine is a bit less muddy since I wanted it to look like specific pics I had seen of Char B1s in an urban setting (roughly represented in this unfinished diorama). BTW, enjoyed the humor of the target on the roof image. Reminds me of the old Gary Larsen cartoon.

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  4. Looking great, Scott!
    Absolutely amazing camo!

  5. Scott great finish on this Souma.
    The commander is very nicely done too.
    These French tanks are a wonderfully coloured bunch and manufacturers are finally picking up on them and giving us some nice kits.
    Let see some more

  6. SUPERB paint work Scott. Did you use a mix of airbrush and "hairy stick"? Much kudos to you!

    • Ian, After airbrushing the base color on the turret, I did use a brush to paint the green, brown and black outline. The hull was airbrushed on the whole, but there were some small areas I had to touch up with a “hairy stick.”

  7. I think the commander really makes this model, that’s not to take anything away from the rest of the work, especially the paint work. Definitely liked.

  8. What interesting looking machines these French tanks. But ONE man turrets? What were they thinking?
    Nice work on a neat one.

  9. Looks great, nice color scheme. speaking of targets, not quit the same but funny..

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  10. Thanks everyone for the compliments.

  11. Great work Scott.

  12. Camo application is perfect and the lower hull/tread area weathering looks very realistic.

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