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Halberstadt CL. IV, (Rol.) Mirage Hobby, 1:48, Ltn. Hans-Joachim Rath, Schlasta 5

A very nicely made model with lots of small details and a realistic surface. However, this is a more demanding construction, due to the fact that all parts (even the small ones) are attached to the frame at four and six points. Removing [...]

Kubuś- Warsaw Uprising 1944 (1/72)

Kubuś- Warsaw Uprising 1944 The Kubuś is a Polish improvised combat vehicle used by the Polish Resistance during the Warsaw Uprising in Warsaw in 1944. Idea and built of the Kubuś began in secret on August 8, 1944, a week after the [...]

US Medium Tank M3A1 Lee- Fort Knox, Armored Force School 1942 (1/72)

M3A1- The right choice if you like cast armor 😉 The quality of the Mirage kit (72803) was better than I had feared. The lower structure was traditionally multi-part to assemble, but the parts fit together without problems. Only on the [...]

Mirage 1/72 PZL.37A

Whereas in 1928 the Polish Department of Aeronautics ordered aviation manufacturer Państwowe Zakłady Lotnicze (PZL) to make preparations towards the development of a multi-engine night bomber, it was finally decided to procure a number [...]

Mirage Hobby 1/48 PZL.37B Łoś

Introduced in 1938, the PZL.37 Łoś was a twin-engine all-metal monoplane medium bomber, considered to be not only the most modern and effective weapon then possessed by Poland, but also one of the most advanced bombers then operational [...]

Video: Stuart M5A1 Mirage Hobby 1/72

Tutorial - Resin Casting - (link) Instagram page: (link) Patreon: (link) Facebook page: (link) My web: (link) Photo Documentation: (link)... David Damek Sponsors: Model Emporium - Resin Figure (link) 10 percent discount - PLASMO10 Colors [...]

HNoMS St. Albans – Mirage Hobby 1/400

Finally got some time on the bench in 2020. Needed something small to get me going again, so I gave a go at the four-stack destroyer of Mirage Hobby. The build is OOB with the addition of some generic 1/350 railings. Hope you like it! [...]

Mirage 1/48 PZL-23B KARAS Light Bomber Polish Air Force

This build was Mirage’s 1/48 scale PZL-23B KARAS Light Bomber of the Polish Air Force. The kit itself was a limited edition that included resin accessories and a collectors coin. Mirage did a nice job on the details of this unique [...]

Torpedoboot V105 – 1/400 Mirage Hobby

This is my first "proper" build nearly 10 years ago after longer break from modelling. I chose 1/400 scale V106 torpedo boat kit from the Polish Mirage Hobby range. In addition I used dedicated Mirage PE set 008-40028 plus some [...]

Album ORP KASZUB 1/400 Mirage Hobbies

A small one to get me started again. Masts replaced with brass tubing, and the rock is made of styrofoam.