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HobbyBoss Ka-29 “Helix-B”

February 9, 2017 in Aviation

This is the HobbyBoss Kamov Ka-29 “Helix-B”, in 1/72nd scale. The kit exterior is pretty nice, however, there is very little detail inside of the cockpit or the rear transport compartment. I added a little scratchbuilt detail inside the cockpit where things can be seen (I believe that aftermarket is now available to detail the cockpit). Most of the kit is OOB, but I added some scratched intake/exhaust covers, as well as some line to the rotor head. The paint is a homebrew mix of Modelmaster enamel paint, essentially blue and grey mixes. Overall, this was a nice change in scale and subject for me. The HobbyBoss kit of the Ka-29 is simple and easy, but is worth the time and effort to add some detail.
The Ka-29 is one badass shipboard helo that goes to sea with the Russian navy. As can be seen, the Helix-B carries rockets, and 30mm cannons, to enhance its mission as a littoral assault helicopter. The Ka-29 can carry armed assault troops for ship to shore, while fighting its way ashore, as well as providing protection for disembarked troops. This is a serious machine that I wish would come in 1/48th scale.

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16 responses to HobbyBoss Ka-29 “Helix-B”

  1. WOW…..That is a NICE build, sir. Outstanding attention to detail.

  2. Beautiful model! Thank You for your interest in our Russian aviation!

  3. Outstanding build of this unique helicopters.

  4. Marvin, This is really cool, great work, I think it looks great in 1/72 scale !.
    I look forward to seeing it In person if you bring up to our show.

  5. Very nice! Your panel washes, paint scheme and detailing all combine to really make this stand out.

  6. Great build, right down to intake and exhaust covers.

  7. Yes, well done Marvin, lovely model.

  8. Marvin, looks like a member of the Kamov family. Nicely done!

  9. A Strong build and a good candidate for model of the month. Helicopters seem to be underrepresented on many forms.

    Two thumbs up Marvin. Looking forward to seeing your next build.

  10. I really like your “homebrewed” finish on this, it sets it off a treat.

  11. First time I’ve ever seen one of these! Great skills on an unusual subject!

  12. Well constructed and superbly finished in the color scheme.
    Can anybody explain to me, why the Russians still use this design of contra rotors.
    To me, complicated construction.
    Dirk/The Netherlands.

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