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Duryee’s Zouave

March 13, 2017 in Figures

One of my larger figures, this is Warriors Scale Models’ 120 mm Officer, 5th New York Volunteer Infantry, Duryee’s Zouaves. This is a resin figure, except for the sword. I modified the figure slightly by adding the sword and re-sculpting the left hand. The face and hands were painted in oils, the non-metallic areas in acrylics. For the metal I used SnJ’s gold polishing powder mixed with Windsor and Newton Liquin and various oils.

9 additional images. Click to enlarge

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20 responses to Duryee’s Zouave

  1. Since there’s no “common object” included in one of your pics for reference, am I to assume from my question in your previous figure post, that this one (120mm), is about twice the size of that 54mm figure, this making it roughly 1/18th scale or so…? In any event, you’ve done an outstanding job with your talented brush, sir.

  2. Painting figures is my weak spot. I have tried numerous times but rarely succeed. You on the other hand have it down to a science !!!! Excellent work Sir !!

  3. Beautiful! Nice subject matter.

  4. Very nice work, Scott. I’ve seen another similar Zouave figure but not from WSM. I like this one better – more dynamic.

  5. Gorgeous! I like the Colt Dragoon in his hand. I have one (a modern Colt reproduction) and shoot it at matches. Great work!

  6. Scott, that is one BAD looking officer! I wouldn’t cross him. He looks like he’d shoot you without hesitation. Zouave units had a rep for being willing to fight all comers. I like the comment I read in a novel. This Southern officer remarked that there was a Zouave outfit in the area. He said they looked like a harlots picnic.
    Great work! Love the dynamic pose!

  7. Good stuff. Figures are a challenge. I’ve got some in 1/9 to try but bigger doesn’t mean they will be easier. That’s a myth. No matter the size the detail will still need doing. Nice job. Scott

  8. Perfect paint work, Scott !

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