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Progress USS Indianapolis 1945 – trumpeter 1/350

June 8, 2017 in Ships

Yes…First Model this year…

Plastruct Improvements styrene sheet, Rod,strip…, Generic PE raillings from Flyhawk , Ladders, metal chains, PE trumpeter set, Barrels 203mm and 127mm from Master Models, Flyhawk 40MM Quad Bofors Gun Mount, Brass pipe 0,3mm-0,4mm-0,5mm, 0.8mm improvements….etc.

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11 responses to Progress USS Indianapolis 1945 – trumpeter 1/350

  1. Beautiful. I’m an Indianapolis resident & around here, we’re proud of her & we honour the memory of those lost. Lookin’ good, Anthony!

  2. Looks good!
    Keep it up!

  3. Very nice workmanship, sir….ships are the most difficult (at least for me)….it’s gonna look great, I’m sure.

  4. Anthony, looks like it’s gonna be a beauty!

  5. A great build in the making.

  6. Nice work. I built the Academy ‘premium’ version which was very nice too. The rigging was complex, I recall.

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