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RN Pola 1:350

August 4, 2017 in Ships

Hi, I’d like to show you a ship I built on 2015. This is the Hobbyboss RN Pola 1:350, converted to RC ship. The kit quality is awful and several parts had to be remade and redesigned from scratch, like the mast, tripod and anchors. The mast was made from brass and wood. The cannon are made of brass. The RC part was made with a RC Tiger tank circuit and motors, dogbones and axles in brass tubes, PE screws from the Trumpeter RN Roma kit. Vallejo paints were used and sealed with Humbrol clear enamel. I hope you like it, was fun to build.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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9 responses to RN Pola 1:350

  1. Nice job, my friend….well done indeed.

  2. Nice! Don’t know that it would survive my grandkids in the pool with it, but that’s some fun additional effort to motorize it.

  3. It wouldn’t. But I don’t build this to last forever. I have a 3 years old son, I know he will kill my toys. I build because is hard and rewarding.

  4. Nice one. Your photos give “blue water navy” a fresh meaning.

  5. I’ll second what Stellan said! Great job on an interesting ship.

  6. Good work not only on building the ship as a very good static model, but also for converting it into a working model as well. Not sure what my Cocker Spaniel would have made of it if he had seen it approaching him in the water though.

  7. Good job. I’ve wrestled with this one myself.

    • I saw your magnificient Pola. Is a lot better than mine. But mine moves 😀

      I couldn’t put too many rails, as they would be smashed very easily when manipulating this as an RC toy. Also, couldn’t drill the portholes, because was too much risk of sinking. I could have done better with the chains and anchors, but you know how terrible the original items were.

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